For a brand new kitchen or new cabinets, a new floor, a new wall covering, we are the experts you are looking for.


If there is a room in the house that requires great expertise for any partial or major renovation, it is the bathroom. We know it in all its facets.


For a pre-existing basement that needs to be given a makeover, or to turn this place of storage into a place of comfort, our pros will meet your expectations.


Circumstances of life or the arrival in your home of a disabled person require you to make changes for their well-being? Know that we also have this expertise.


No matter what your building project is, whether it's for your home, your business or for any real estate additions on your property, you do not need to worry about what constructing entails. We are here to complete your project from start to finish.


In this century of increasingly powerful technology, who does not dream of having their own home theater to live happy moments in the comfort of their home? We are here to guide you and make this great dream a reality.


In order to make space more profitable and to harmonize the different elements of a residence or a business as much as possible, there is an increasing tendency to integrate them into the structure of the building and its components. We also have this dynamic vision.


Today, the possibilities are immense when it comes to installing or replacing a roof. Both in terms of design and sustainability due to our often harsh climate, we are these pros to advise you and meet your expectations.


The era of the exterior cladding of a building that used to be dyed or painted wood, aluminum or brick, is now over. The choice for design, durability and maintenance is now much wider. Do not hesitate to call on our expertise in this area!


If there is a significant element in any construction, it’s doors and windows. Again, the choice, quality, sustainability and energy efficiency variants are vast. Our pros will be able to accompany you in these choices.


Everyone knows that the presence or addition of a patio or balcony brings not only more possibilities in the enjoyment of their home, but also adds a significant value if you choose to sell your home. Our experts will guide you in the vast choice in this field and make it a reality for your complete satisfaction.


You wish to add a terrace to your residence to be able to benefit fully from your backyard, especially in summer period? Regardless of its size, there are several aspects to consider. We will accompany you in this exciting project.


We all know that the annual cost of modern energy that allows us to live in the comfort of our home despite our often harsh climate keeps increasing. We can not afford to neglect the insulating aspect of any building. Our professionals will advise you and detect flaws to remedy.


Whether they are located inside or outside your building, the presence of any staircase and ramps that accompany it is not only important in design, but first and foremost. of the safety of the people who will use them. Our expertise in this field is a guarantee of complete satisfaction.


Construction and renovation, both residential and commercial, have many facets that require a global vision of the work to be done so that deadlines are met with the highest standards of quality. Construction Concept Design is always ready to serve.

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